Musquiqui Chihying And Gregor Kasper’s Café Togo, Others To Feature In Cameroon’s 100-Artist Festival.

By Eric Tataw – Thursday November 7, 2019.

Poster of ‘Café Togo’

A film by Musquiqui Chiying and Gregor Kasper, two Berlin based artists and filmmakers who research on cultural, economic and political connections between Africa, China and Europe under postcolonial and post-migrational perspectives will feature, among others in an event in Yaounde, capital of Cameroon.

Café Togo looks at the efforts to change street names with colonial connotations in the so-called Afrikanisches Viertel (African Quarter) in Berlin and follows the visions of a multi-dimensional remembrance of the Black activist Abdel Amine Mohammed.

From November 9 through 16, 2019, 100 artists from six (6) African countries will converge on the Central African country in a week long cultural event organised by the Goethe Institute in collaboration with the country’s Ministry of Arts and Culture, National Telegraph has been told.

Dubbed “The Burden of Memory”: activities will focus on German colonial past during which “The colonial misunderstanding” of Jean Marie Teno will also be screened.

Rose Jepkorir Kiptum from Kenya, Princess Marilyn Duala Manga Bell from Cameroon and Nontombo Ntombela from South Africa are three international curators that will grace the event.

Namibian Mourning Citizens’ procession and the percussionists of the Intwari Tambourines Club of Burundi will feature as well as artists like; Blick Bassy of Cameroon, Eric 1key and Lion King of Rwanda.

The works of Hervé Youmbi, Roger Mboupda, Jean David Nkot, Kathleen Bomani and other artists will be exhibited at the Yaounde Contemporary Art Gallery, the Cipca Center and the Goethe Gallery, National Telegraph has been told.

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