National Telegraph Announces Test Run Website.

By Beltha Mokube

Eric Tataw: Founding Director And Publisher/ Editor-in-chief of National Telegraph

The Founding Director of the National Telegraph Group and Publisher and Editor-in-chief of National Telegraph announced Thursday January 10, 2019 that it has published the first article on its official website. Eric Tataw said it’s a test run, adding that the Web Team would put in place the final comprehensive format in the days ahead.

Eric Tataw also added that the site is meant to serve and accommodate million of readers and advertisers alike. The Director said his vision is to throw lucrative jobs to many young Journalists and also profitable deals to many businesses.

Recounting, Eric said National Telegraph was founded and created by him and his wife in front of their Retail Shop in Mamfe and its first edition published on February 20, 2013. With headquarters in Mamfe, Manyu Division, National Telegraph became the first ever Newspaper to have been founded and based in the Division. Before the Anglophone Crisis, National Telegraph had a 21-Man permanent team with several periodic stringers.

The Publisher has now revealed that the Website would be monetized and stringers would be paid an agreed amount per article. Eric Tataw has also revealed his intention to become the World’s Richest Media Person. He said the site would compete with World-class Media Organs. The rest of the features of our site would be displayed and discovered, Eric Tataw concluded.


  1. Great move, lionman. The sky is your limit, heaven is your stopover .

  2. Ambazonians oyeeh
    Good job Eric T

  3. I am a big fan of national telegraph as I followed it activities on Facebook and news . I believe in national telegraph for true information .God bless the boss

  4. Good start, you must take thrust to succeed.
    Look for to unbiased reporting

  5. Congratulations to Mr.Eric Tataw. He embodies the goodness and zeal to succeed. He his a firebrand journalist with determination and consistency rarely seen in this fleeting world. He is only bound to be successful.

  6. We appreciate this credible newspaper, I have been following up national telegraph for the past month it was very impressive, I want to congratulate the founder of this national telegraph. Kingdom liquido from ground zero

  7. That is the way forward, keep it coming.

  8. Congratulations!! A great picture of you. Our great activists. Your place is secured in history not only for publishing one of the best authentic papers of our times but for your humanitarian characteristics
    Be continuously blessed.

  9. Good start publisher and Editor in chief of National Telegraph Eric Tataw Tano. More grace, more wins sir !!!

  10. More blessings M. Eric

  11. I like the ambition, atypical if an average African whom all he looks foe is enough for himself with negligible excess.

  12. am proud of you taking this great step.Amba… rising to fall no more

  13. National Telegraph & Mr Tataw continue to break new barriers.
    The sky is just the stepping stone for what this gentleman and his organization are yet to do.

  14. Love that may the good Lord take you to higher height.May stand for the truth and the oppressed always.Be another Mathew Lee

  15. Nice bros. God will see your through your aspirations. Just be objective and keep it real. Courage To God be the Glory.

  16. Bravo. Keep it up

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