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Nigerian/US Realtor Details Easy Ways To Own Houses In The US.

By Beltha Mokube – Thursday September 12, 2019.

Eze Okwodu, DC Area Realtor.

A Nigerian based in the US who’s a real estate agent has told National Telegraph the source of his inspiration in the Real Estate Business and some easy ways in owning houses in the US, especially in the Washington DC Area. Eze Okwodu, a DC area realtor said after years of witnessing close friends and family avoid the home buying process due to perceived difficulty; he began working in the community to educate, encourage and assist others with the process.

“I offer home buyer’s seminars that cover topics such as the basics of real estate, budgeting, credit analysis, and wealth building through home ownership.  It is my goal to help as many people as possible obtain the goal of home ownership”, Eze said in an interview with National Telegraph. 

Purchasing a home is a major life decision and it requires a lot of thought and consideration. Eze opined he has learned that most people often assume they need a large amount of money upfront to make the dream of home-ownership a reality. Eze demystifies the myth by saying; “This simply is not true!”.  There are several programs that offer funds that may be able to make the process of owning a home easier, he added.

Some of these programs within the DMV area (Washington DC, Maryland and Virginai) include; the DC-HPAP and various programs offered throughout the counties of Maryland, Eze stated, adding that there are several state and county programs in the DMV area that receive grants which are typically funded through The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). These programs in turn usually offer the funds to individuals who qualify and meet their program requirements, he has said.

Eze also said because there are numerous programs, they each differ in what they offer and the amount of assistance can vary from program to program, adding that one may actually be able to combine some of the programs and maximize benefit. He went on that some programs actually seek out professions such as members of law enforcement, teachers, nurses and firefighter/EMTs.

In the last minutes of the interview with National Telegraph, Eze clearly stated that; “It’s important that you note and pay close attention to the requirements of each program. Some programs offer grants while others offer loans. If you are awarded a grant you are usually able to keep the given amount in full.

With loans, they are usually paid back with interest over a specified time period but they may have flexibility that allows minimal money upfront.  There are always stipulations and it highly recommended that you work with a knowledge and trustworthy realtor and lender so that you can be well informed.

Some programs that provide assistance require you to live in the home as your primary residence for a specific time period (e.g. living in the home for 15 years). With some programs you are also not able to sell or transfer ownership of the home within a certain time period. 

In addition to the federal, state and county programs, there are some financial institutions that also offer assistance to first time home-buyers. I recently learned about a program through Bank of America.  Home-buyers could receive up to $20,000 towards a home purchase. That is up to $10,000 in each, down payment assistance and/or closing cost assistance.

A trusted realtor is often a good source to connect you with various mortgage lenders and we can also inform you of who is offering the best rates and the assistance programs offered. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Eze Okwodu at 301-559-2872.”

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