Nine UAE Antelope Poachers Arrested In Hargeisa, Somalia.

By Jebril Domenico – Mogadishu, Somalia, Tuesday November 26, 2019.

Regional police officers in Hargeisa arrested these poachers at Egal International Airport when they were trying to leave the airport on their way to the UAE.

Nine foreign nationals from United Arab Emirates (UAE)  have been arrested and detained in Hargeisa, Tuesday November 26, 2019. Social media trail made it easy for authorities to track down the poachers.

Many pictures were posted across social media depicting these men illegally hunting and slaughtering wild Antelopes in Somalia’s remote village of Saba-wanaag.

 Regional police officers in Hargeisa stepped in and arrested them at Egal International Airport when they were trying to leave the airport on their way to the UAE and were immediately transferred to Hargeisa Prison, National Telegraph has confirmed. 

The Emirates has been accused of poaching wildlife in Somaliland State of Somalia, Residents of Saba-wanaag district in the Marodi-Jeh said. 

“The men were first initially carrying out developmental projects, but were later founded poaching.” and this poses suspicion for many foreigners who are currently involved in several developmental projects carried out by the government of UAE.

According to analysts, Hargeisa Police Department received a huge applause from the public for arresting these poachers, but many citizens are concerned about the punishment for illegal poachers.

This tragedy might renew the discussion whether poachers should be granted the right to return to their home if the diplomatic mission of UAE gets involved.

 Furthermore, many depict that death penalty could soon be given to those who are involved in the poaching industry in an effort to prevent such incidents in the future.

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