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Nollywood Veteran Calls For Referendum In Southern Cameroons.

By Eric Tataw – Sunday February 17, 2019.

Nollywood Veteran Calls For Referendum In Southern Cameroons.

Nollywood veteran megastar has called on the International Community to pressure Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, 86, who has been President since 1982 to call for a Referendum in Southern Cameroons as a means to solving the Anglophone Crisis.

Florence Onuma was speaking to National Telegraph Washington Service in the US, Sunday February 17, 2019, from her DMV, USA residence. The onetime big-hand in the Nigerian Movie Industry regrets the ongoing sufferings of inhabitants of the North West and South West Regions and frowns at what she calls ongoing Genocide in Southern Cameroons.

The erstwhile actress opined that to the best of her knowledge, Cameroon is a democratic not a military nation. Drawing inspiration from the Government for People, by the people…, the actress echoed that it’s absolutely wrong to use the military to solve problems within a democratic nation.

While condemning the gross violation of Human Rights by soldiers loyal to President Biya, Florence Onuma likened the situation to her country; Nigeria. The movie icon accused President Buhari as an accomplice to war crimes carried out on the Indigenous People of Biafra aka IPOB.

The actress said just like in Cameroon where soldiers kill innocent civilians and burn down houses while the government stays quiet only to later call the affected population terrorists each time they rise to defend themselves, Buhari does same in Nigeria.

 She added that while Fulani herdsmen openly crow of killing innocent civilians, Buhari would instead turn around to call IPOB a terrorist group.

Florence Onuma finally urged all and sundry in Southern Cameroons to continuously fight for rights and what is theirs. She also enjoined the affected populations to pray so that God would see them through.

To the Yaoundé Regime, the actress said the time has passed when African civilians could be intimidated and forced to submission. Florence told National Telegraph’s Editor-in-chief, Eric Tataw that it’s the right of those affected to defend themselves.

Florence Onuma opines that there has been too much bloodshed, adding that many innocent lives, including children, pregnant women, health worker, old and young, women and men, have been wasted for no reason.

The veteran actress added that the International Community must urgently force both parties to the table. She went on that dialogue is the only way out for both the Cameroon government and Anglophone separatists.  

Florence Onuma has featured in many Nollywood movies amongst them; Jealous Lover, Christian Mother, Disguise, My Heart Desire. Meanwhile, the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon have remained restive with Anglophone militias fighting pro-government forces to create a new state called Ambazonia.  

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1 comment

malis February 18, 2019 at 3:17 am

If we were told back in 1961 that those on the other side of the Mongo River will one day rape our women, rape our daughters, kill our children, dehumanize and abuse us, chase us back to Nigeria, burn down our houses, hospitals, … we would have said no way.

All that has not only come to pass, but they have also taken things to another satanic level, and that is ethnic cleansing and genocide. Pure savagery and barbarism.

Our creator is great, powerful and beyond infinity. We are seeing how its infinite strength is moving things one step after the other to our favour.

It’s just a matter of time.


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