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Cameroon: Soldier, CDC Worker Killed In Pendamboko Shooting.

By Eric Tataw – Sunday August 4, 2019.

This is a sample picture of elements of the Cameroon military in a National Day parade; they’re typically dressed like this.

An element of the Cameroon military has been shot and killed by unknown gunmen in Pendamboko, a locality in Cameroon’s Littoral Region, National Telegraph has confirmed.

A man who was transporting the soldier on his bike identified as a field worker at the Cameroon Development Corporation (CDC), the country’s number one producer of agricultural products was also shot and killed

A National Telegraph secret stringer on the ground says the incident happened at Camp Two Pendamboko, Sunday August 4, 2019, adding that all main entrances into the area have been blocked.

The CDC worker and military were on same bike before they were both shot and killed. The soldier had begged the biker for a ride to his duty post, said an eyewitness. Reports say as the soldier was shot, the attackers decided to shoot at the biker who recognized them fearing he would disclose their identities

Mass arrest of civilians is currently ongoing, our source says, furthering that the entire area is in panic as contingents of soldiers have been redeployed from nearby Mbanga and Nkongsamba.

No group has claimed responsibility but there are fears the incident might be a spillover effect of separatist armed conflict going on in Cameroon’s English-speaking regions. Separatist have however denied any involvement in the incident.

Unrest in Cameroon’s two English-speaking regions began in October 2016 as a disagreement in language but government mismanaged it, turning it into an armed conflict with a demand by majority of Anglophones in the North West and South West for a separate state called Ambazonia as it was in 1961. Many are now asking the International Community to look at the root cause of the conflict from 1961.

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