Panegyric That Would Thrill You As Family Buries Cameroon’s Prophet Natabong In Nigeria.

By Tem Martin – Thursday February 28, 2019.

Panegyric That Would Thrill You As Family Buries Cameroon’s Prophet Natabong In Nigeria.

Prophet Natabong

A Cameroonian family based in Nigeria is finalizing arrangements to bury their father, a Servant of God, National Telegraph has been told. The Founder and President of Global Prophetic Apostolic Mandate -GPAM, a Global Prophets Network would be buried in Nigeria.

Prophet Nkematabong Joesph Ndem fondly called Prophet Natabong passed away Sunday, January 27, 2019, in Onitsha, Anambra State, Nigeria and would be buried in the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt at 2 PM today; Thursday, February 28, 2019, a family source says.

Prophet Natabong was born in 1942 in Nwenchen Fossong in Fontem Sub-division of Lebialem, one of the restive divisions of Cameroon’s South West Region, biography has indicated.

Speaking to National Telegraph, a family member said the Prophet would be buried at the Port Harcourt cemetery, Moscow Road by Aggrey, citing unrests in the South West and North West regions of Cameroon.

Enter The Panegyric From Dr. Evelyn Nojang Who Addressed Herself To Late Prophet Natabong As; “Your daughter and mother.”

Prophet Bishop Natabong, Faithful servant of the Most-High God. He woke up every morning at 5 AM to worship God for forty years and over.  He was born in Nwenchen Fossong, Fontem Sub-division in Lebialem in 1942.

Prophet Bishop Natabong! What shall I call you? Global Watchman Fearless LION; I saw letters you wrote to President Paul Biya of Cameroon and many Cameroon ministers suggesting solutions to the present crises.

When they didn’t reply you sent more prophetic warnings. I remember how many times he boldly went to the presidency to see the president but couldn’t meet him.

Founder and President of Global Prophetic Apostolic Mandate “GPAM”, a Global Prophets Network which he succeeded in registering before leaving Cameroon for the last time. He had a great vision for the sanctity of the church.

As President of the Global Sanctity Commission (GSC), he wrote letters to; The Queen of England, The Prime Minister of Great Britain, The Archbishop of Canterbury London, The Pope in the Vatican, Rome, The Secretary-General of United Nations, The President of North Korea and President Obama of USA. All expressing his opinions about world issues. As Global Commander-in-chief of His Armed Forces as he sometimes called himself, God used him to show His power;

1) In one occasion there was a witch-bird that was terrorizing the quarter where Prophet was staying. When it came people were on their knees. It appeared one day when Prophet was around. He was offended. He stood outside roared like the LION. Just once it disappeared and never came back. All the quarter people came to thank him.

2) There were two families whose successors had abandoned their families and for years, no one knew if they were alive or not. In fact, one had been away for more than eight years. In desperation, one of the family members came to Prophet Natabong. 

He went to the villages in Fontem and to both compounds and prayed and called them back. Prophet Natabong told the families that their family heads will return in one week. In one week they all returned to their wives and children.  Till today these people cannot explain what had happened to them and what pulled them back.

3) One of his greatest miracles of faith was his marriage. I saw Ephesians 3:20; the Amp version in practice. He woke up one day and told us that God had spoken to him that it is time for him to get married. Remember at this time he was near his seventies. He said his wife was in Nigeria.

He left for Nigeria! As he told us he visited a church in Onitsha by the direction of the Holy Spirit. He was given the chance to minister. When he started ministering, a very pretty lady walked in. The Holy Spirit told him “that is your wife.”

After the service, he told the Pastor what he has heard from God. The Pastor told him the sister was unmarried. The Pastor called the lady and introduced them. The lady said when she saw him the Holy Spirit told her he was her long-awaited husband. The church arranged for the traditional marriage and in two weeks they were married.

Let us remember that Prophet Natabong never had money and did not travel with any. That church sponsored the marriage. He arrived back in Cameroon to prepare for the church wedding which was to take place in six (6) weeks.

He went to Douala and on passing by an office he remembered a lady who had once called him to pray for her office and decided to stop and greet her. When the lady saw him she shouted with joy. She said she had been wondering how to contact him.

She immediately removed an envelope and gave him. She said the Lord had ministered in her heart to bless the Man-of-God who blessed her. It was five hundred thousand francs (500 000) F CFA.

He almost fainted. For two weeks, people blessed him with all the money he needed for the wedding. He went back and got married to a very wonderfully beautiful woman.  Everyone thought the story was fiction until he arrived Cameroon with his wife.

Prophet Bishop Natabong, the entire college of Bishops, Prophets and Pastors will miss you. They have sent their farewell greetings as you walk into Glory!

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  1. The death of Prophet Natabong is a big loss to the body Christ. To his wife and members I say it is well. Remember Earth’s loss is Heaven’s gain.

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