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Parents Call For Probe Into Saga Of 50 GBHS Bayelle Students Infected With HIV By Cameroon Military.

By Eric Tataw– Washington DC, USA, Tuesday, December 3, 2019.

Gov’t secondary and high school students in Cameroon typically dress like this to school.

National Telegraph has investigated and confirmed on sound authority some twenty students at a government-run school in Cameroon’s North West Region have been impregnated by elements of the Cameroon military.

The same investigation provides authentic conclusions more than fifty have been infected with HIV by the same soldiers who are guarding the institution; Government Bilingual High School (GBHS) Bayelle Nkwen. 

Our investigation reveals that the military men force the girls to various classrooms where they are forced to make love with them. When the scoop was leaked to National Telegraph, most of the soldiers who spent time guarding the school, sat at the gate admiring the girls as they walked to the campus.

This has most likely increased and aroused their appetite for the girls. Reports say the girls were threatened to give their phone contacts and were later forced to have unprotected sex with them inside their small camp.

The school administration has raised an alarm to no avail but instead received threats in return from the military men. Accordingly, the Principal and disciplinary council have met several times and written to hierarchy but nothing is being done.

Another source from the school confirmed that some of the students are scared of attending classes due to fear of being raped. Parents of some of the victims are now calling on rights groups and the International Community to intervene and bring justice to the innocent students now infected with HIV, among other STDs.

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