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Pastor Cathy Iduot Takes ‘The Confidence Notion’ To New Heights.

By Eric Tataw – Friday October 11, 2019.

Pastor Cathy Iduot,, Founder of God’s Kingdom Builders Ministries

The subject; confidence remains very entrapped in every man’s life. Confidence as defined is a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective. Confidence comes from a latin word fidere’ which means “to trust”; therefore, having a self-confidence is having trust in one’s self.

It’s under this backdrop that, Pastor Cathy Iduot, Founder of God’s Kingdom Builders Ministries on Saturday October 5, 2019, at the Best Western Capital Hotel; 5910 Princess Garden Parkway Lanham, Maryland, USA, organized the Total Woman Conference under the theme; ‘confidently fearless woman’.

Speaking at the event, Pastor Cathy said she loves the topic, adding that a person of confidence is an ‘unstoppable’ person. Explaining why they named the conference; the Total Woman Confidence, Pastor Cathy said one must believe in self. Thrilling the crowd, the servant of God said when one has confidence, self-esteem increases.

Do you go to the mirror and look at yourself? she quizzed the congregation, adding that you must like yourself. She went on that there’s something God has placed in everyone and that one has to simply identify and walk with it.

Confidence makes one bold and brings success. Using two pastors as an example, she said one can succeed in a a job interview depending on how you carry yourself. Confidence brings trust and makes on credible.

Pastor said Jesus is the boldest person and that since man is made of Jesus’ DNA, man is naturally supposed to be bold. You can’t be intimidated once you’re confident. She also said a confident person knows exactly what he/she is doing.

Pastor Cathy also thrilled the congregation when she said; ” a confident woman would remain confident when her husband walks away in disagreement.” The pastor said a confident woman would simply prepare a delicious meal and accord the husband a warm welcome when he returns home.

When confidence is in place, it affects and moves forward everything in one’s life. Pastor Cathy however stated that man must rely on God for greater confidence, adding that Jesus must be at the center of all man does because he orders one’s footsteps.

While concluding, she said “all great success rises from firm confidence drawn from God’s promises. Great exploits; past and presence are all rooted in confidence. Making marks and breaking existing standards; achievement would never rise higher than confidence.

Other high points of the event included addresses and songs from; praise songs from Maame Nhyira, motivational speaker, Elizabeth Kargbo, a special song by Minister Jane of Restoration Chapel International, testimonies piloted by Deaconess Tonia Akintunde of Porter’s Place International.

Pastor Sheree of Fellowship Home Church was also exceptional in her delivery, after a well-tailored delivery from Pastor Felix Akintunde, husband to Deaconess Tonia Akintunde all of Porter’s Place International.

Offering and an interactive game to spell out confidence followed by award of prizes was coordinated by Nneka Chukwudozie before Pastor David Dyson of Prayer Arena (alter call) conducted prayer and ministering to women. Reception and exchange of pleasantries capped the event. Participants left hoping Aprils comes tomorrow for the next event.

In an interview with National Telegraph, Pastor Cathy said God’s Kingdom Builders Ministries had as vision of total women’s conference to enable the women and make them realize their self worth , their potential and encourage them to have that confidence and financial independence to live life with dignity and grace. This would also help them shine their light upon their importance and relevancy in today’s world, she said.

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