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Paul Biya Sends Atanga Nji With 32Million For Douala Market Fire Victims But Ignores Bamenda.

By Eric Tataw – Friday March 1, 2019.

Paul Biya Sends Atanga Nji With 32Million For Douala Market Fire Victims But Ignores Bamenda.

National Telegraph captured Minister Atanga Nji, handing over cash to Douala fire victims.

One of President Paul Biya’s closest aides was in Douala, the capital of Cameroon’s Littoral Region, National Telegraph has been told. According to our sources, Paul Atanga Nji, Cameroon’s Minister of Territorial Administration was in Douala, Thursday, February 28, 2019, at the behest of Biya to hand over cash to some victims of a fire incident.

Atanga Nji flanged by the Governor of Littoral, Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboua and the Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri, Mache N. Joseph Bertrand at the Conference Room of the Douala City Council in Douala I Sub-division, personally distributed cash worth thirty-two million francs (32.000,000F CFA) to victims of a fire incident.

On Sunday, February 24, 2019, a ravaging fire consumed almost entirely, Marche Congo, the second largest market in the city of Douala located at Douala II Sub-division in Wouri Division, locals interrelated why the Minister was distributing money to each of the affected traders.

This news has however not gone down well with many traders in the two English-speaking regions of the country who have suffered colossal losses resulting from numerous fire incidents. At least, thirty buoyant markets have been burnt down in these regions, yet the Government has never bothered about providing relief to victims.

On February 22, 2019, Cameroon Military burn down the Bambalang Market, killing one trader, yet, the government has never reacted.

Gigantic markets, including the famous Bamenda Main Market one of the biggest markets in the two English-speaking regions was burnt down and traders were captured on a video that went viral sharing their desperation, yet, Cameroon’s President, Paul Biya, 86, till date has said nothing about it, talk more of dispatching a Minister to compensate or even identify victims.

Many other markets amongst them; Kumbo, Awing, Oshie, Mamfe, Bambalang have been burnt down. Ironically, the populations hold in the strongest terms, those markets were burnt down by elements of the Cameroon military to increase their frustration and push them to submit to the government in the face of a Revolution that’s rocking these regions.

The English-speaking residents have also been quick in pointing out another incident in which despite the fact that the Cameroon military has been down hundreds of their villages, as they put it, the government has never reacted but was quick to react when few houses were burnt down in Bangourain, a village in the French-speaking part of the country, precisely in the West Region.

The two English-speaking regions of the North West and South West have remained tensed following an armed conflict in which the majority of the Anglophones are asking for an Independent State called Ambazonia.

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1 comment

Ambaman March 1, 2019 at 12:29 pm

The markets in Bamenda, Kwakwa, Bambalang, Kembong, etc. are in Ambazonia whereas Douala is in LRC. You cannot expect the President of one country to be solving problems in another country. These conspicuous occurrences only shine the light on the fact that we are two autonomous people.

Besides not providing money to victims of an inferno in Ambazonia, no dams are currently being built in Ambazonia; no roads are currently being constructed in Ambazonia. And by the way, the markets in Ambazonia are being burnt by LRC thugs–BIR.

It is now incumbent upon all of our activists to keep pushing the idea that the exploitation of resources from Ambazonia MUST stop. No timber, cocoa, coffee, rubber, oil, foodstuff, are to leave Ambazonia to LRC. No commodities should leave LRC into Ambazonia. LRC traders are no longer allowed to use the Mamfe gateway to do their transactions in Nigeria.

Traitors who think that the Lock-down did work must have been living in a cocoon. The Bonaberi Motor Park, the busiest in Douala, was a ghost-town; various stakeholders cried out as buses were parked and business activities shut down.

Francophone professors must NOT be allowed to teach in UBa and UBu. This is easy to enforce. They MUST NOT be allowed to live in our neighborhoods. Rent out your house to any of them at your own peril.

Citizens of LRC, some of you still don’t get it. Your president declared war on us–for the moment stay out of Ambazonia. Lawyers who are natives of LRC but resident in Ambazonia MUST depart.

The colonial (francophone) DO of Tubah Subdivision, Mezam County, has turned his office into a monstrous bribe-taking machine. You are warned–leave NOW before it is too late. The colonial DO of Muyuka Subdivision, Fako County, is doing the same thing–turning his office into a bribe-taking machine. Be on the watch-out.

When we shall be completely free, we shall build our own industries and provide high-paying jobs to our youths. Ambazonians in the Diaspora are sitting on huge bank accounts ready to go. All what they need is a free Ambazonia

We shall overcome.

Keep hope alive.

God Bless Ambazonia


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