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Same Name, Same Title, Same Virus, But Poles Apart In CC.

By Eric Tataw – Washington DC, USA, Friday, May 22, 2020.

President Paul Kagame of Rwanda (standing) greets President Paul Biya of Cameroon (sitting)

They are both Paul! Although one is Paul Biya from Cameroon and the other Paul Kagame from Rwanda, two things are as exact as their first names.

These Pauls are both presidents of their countries and have at least a quarter of a thousand of their citizens infected by the novel COVID-19 pandemic that has officially crossed 5 million confirmed cases globally.

Just for the records, as of late Thursday, May 21, 2020, Rwanda had 320 confirmed COVID-19 cases with zero death while Cameroon had 4,288 cases with 156 deaths.

To Ndansi Elvis, an Obama Scholar in the United States state of New York, Paul Kagame has flattened his namesake Paul Biya in the COVID-19 fight. What Eric Tataw dubbed in the headline CC – COVID Combat.  

Cameroon reported its first COVID-19 case on March 6, 2020, a week earlier than Rwanda which reported its first case on March 16. Kagame has however, performed well than his Counterpart Paul Biya, Ndansi believes.

Regardless of sharing the same name, the fight against the virus has been done differently, and Rwanda seems to be winning.

With a population of 12.95 million people, there are only 320 cases of COVID-19 while Cameroon’s COVID-19 cases have soared to 4,288 cases with 156 deaths in a 23 million population.

Whereas Kagame closed his borders earlier enough to limit the spread, Biya allowed for enough infected persons to get in before he closed his.

Rwandans received relief food during lockdown to help them cope with the crises while Biya created a solidarity fund which his citizens have described as a scheme.

Kagame has addressed his people more than five times and is seen on the field taking actions against the pandemic.

Biya has not appeared physically in public and has only talked to his people once in a rare Tuesday, May 19, 2020 address on Television and Facebook.

Rwanda is now using robots to provide care for COVID-19 patients while Biya is sharing buckets and bars of soap to his people to fight COVID-19

Paul Kagame abolished French in his country and adopted English as a national language while Paul Biya has refused to speak English to his people for over his 38 years as president.

Biya is also doing all to continuously marginalize Anglophones in his country. He couldn’t even speak in English during his COVID-19 address.  

Paul Kagame took a war-torn country and transformed it into one of the most cherished peaceful countries while Biya took one of the most cherished peaceful countries and transformed it into a war-torn country, Ndansi said.

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