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The One Powerful Point Hon Wirba Made At Book Launch

By Louis Mbua and Dieudonne Fombat

Hon. Wirba addressing the crowd

I read the Whatsapp invite with judicious curiosity and ambivalent apprehension. As a student at University in London and simultaneosly a Lecturer in the surrounding colleges of North London, I had passed by North East London College, reading on their signboard; wondering what this College was all about without much thought.

In no way, to be clear, did this resignation of nonchalance mean that one was in the planet of the wanderer nor were one living in the world of the lack of depth of investigative prerogatives. I really love all the colleges and universities in London.

The students and lecturers are most wonderful, so glued to the novelty of innovation and discovery. What I didn’t put into my goody bag of ideas, the solitude of random introspection and vision, was the prospect of actually visiting the college in any capacity.

On Saturday 12 January, 2019, I decided to answer the call of unpredictable destiny. If Hon. Joseph Wirba, MP of Jakiri, Cameroon, Southern Cameroons, was on his way to this destination, it is only a matter of reasonableness to find my ticket.

I jumped in the underground, weaved through the maze of the ancient tunnels of London and arrived North East London College Campus, entered the gates into the grand hall for the first time. The charismatic Wirba did not dissapoint.

In a jam-packed hall of at least 1000 Southern Cameroonians, Wirba electrified and energised the people as I have never before witnessed. The dimpled MP is far more good looking, energetic, courteous, humble, witty and intelligent in real life.

His Jakiri progenies from the Bui Constituency turned up in full force, and so did all Southern Cameroonians from all walks of life, cutting through the entire social strata in London, South Africa and Europe.

We will not see such a special occasion of requisition of welcome again in our lifetime. The event exhibited the ethos of the people, their way of life, their diversified cultural identity and the fight against oppression from a barbaric and inhuman Regime in Cameroon.

My eyes scanned the entire hall, penetrated the thoughts and pains of the people. With a definitive conclusion of victory, fixated my new vision. A true leader, a man of the people; he’s, Hon. Joseph Wirba; and the Southern Cameroons people, a blessing to the world. Wirba’s book sold out within hours.

It was indeed The WirbaForce just like the title of the book. Wirba’s discourse was ever enriching from start to end but it’s without doubt, his call for all Southern Cameroonians in the Diaspora to capsize the Love for money is amongst the most important things he echoed. After all, if there’s Unity with each leader still showing Love for Money, Unity would be buried before long.

Wirba Joseph Mbiydzenyuy is a Cameroonian MP who resigned from Parliament following Government’s refusal to resolve the Anglophone Crisis. The two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon have been in an armed conflict since over more than a year now. Wirba became the most wanted Cameroonian Politician after making strong statements at parliamentary sessions.

Born of Theresia Biy and Wirba Dor, into the household of the warriors of Mbisha-Kwe’ebiri, Rohntong, in Jakiri, Bui Division of West Cameroon, Wirba is remembered for the strong opposition he put up against the Yaoundé Regime while in Parliament. His book – WirbaForce launched on Saturday January 12, 2019, at Conel College of Haringey, N15 4RU, London, UK is meant to Internationalize the Southern Cameroons’ Independence Movement, reports suggest.

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Simon Toh January 13, 2019 at 11:25 pm

I see The WirbaForce as the unifier in the Southern Cameroon Struggle for independence

EL Celeste January 14, 2019 at 1:14 am

Hon. Wirba has added his voice to the call for a united front. I think the time has come for some new strength to be infused into the Interim Government. Thanks you NT for echoing this.


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