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July 9, 2020

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This Is What Uganda’s Tom Mwesiga Wrote To Cameroon’s President On Ambazonia’s Independence After Ngar-buh Massacre!

By Sarah Mazirwe – Kampala, Uganda, Friday, February 28, 2020. 

Paul Biya – President of the embattled Republic of Cameroon.

In the wake of killings of English-speaking Cameroonians by pro-Paul Biya soldiers, a Ugandan youth, who calls himself a Pan Africanist, Tom Isingoma Mwesiga writes an open letter to Biya Government, condemning the killing and slaughtering of innocent citizens.

According to the letter that National Telegraph saw, the author Mwesiga titled ‘My 2nd Letter to the Republic of Cameroon over Extremely High Rate of Crimes against Humanity on citizens from Uganda Pan Africanist’. 

“My heart is deeply bleeding, my eyes wet emotionally weak whenever I hear of an extra one Cameroonian dying time after another, just because of what Imperialists planted,” Mwesiga wrote.

Mwesiga wonders why the Biya government would spearhead the killings of its citizens based on what he calls ‘mere foreign languages’. Seventeen (17) children were killed among forty-eight (48) civilians brutally murdered when elements of the Cameroon military raided a farm settlement in the country’s North West Region.

The raid took place on Valentine Day – Friday, February 14, 2020, in Ngar-buh, a quarter in Ntumbaw village in Ndu town – Donga Mantung, one of the region’s restive divisions, National Telegraph can confirm.

Mwesiga calls upon the government of Cameroon to put a halt in the killing of citizens in the South West and North West, who are English-speaking people.

“Your government is guilty of actions against the people of the South West and North West. I have never believed up to now how the serving government wakes up in the morning to deploy its army to kill its civilians just because they speak English, and you in control the majority speak French,” He said.

‘What a shame to the son of Africa, Biya, in reference to the president Biya. Mwesiga is disappointed with the Cameroon cabinet, parliament as doing less in the fight against acts against humanity. “What a shame to such a cabinet and parliament. I am still shocked,” 

He called upon the government to avert the killing since it has the capacity to do so in 24 hours. “At least stop killings, because you have the capacity. And if you are interested in eliminating all those who oppose you, then it’s absolutely not right. We shall keep calling for peace in Ambazonia until you kill us all,”

He strongly called for the establishment of an independent state of Ambazonia through a referendum, for the citizens to determine where they want to belong. 

“Although I call upon the unity of Cameroon, if at all it is possible that the Biya government can’t stop killing people of Ambazonia, who are under the mistreatment, and then I strongly support their independence from tyranny,” He concludes.

The Central African country has been battling to contain an armed conflict in its North West and South West now in its third year. Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius, referred to as President of Ambazonia, the new state rebels are battling to establish declared the Restoration of Independence for these regions in 2017.

At least, 14000 people have so far been killed in battles and military raids with over 400 villages burnt down. Thousands are held across various detention facilities, including Ayuk Tabe and nine others sentenced for life. Over two million remain displaced as refugees and IDPs since the beginning of the crisis.

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