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Cameroon: Two Kids From Same Home, Same Parents, Die Same Day After Family Meal.

By Beltha Mokube – Thursday July 11, 2019.

Cameroon: Two Kids From Same Home, Same Parents, Die Same Day After Family Meal.
Lifeless bodies of two kids of same family who died after eating family meal.

Two kids from same home and same parents have died mysteriously on same day, locals in Mbanga, a locality in Moungo Division, in Cameroon’s Littoral Region have told National Telegraph.

Reports from the Quarter Nine in Mbanga where the incident happened say the two kids, Naomi, 3, and her younger brother Calvino, 2, had a family meal with their parents on the night of Tuesday July 9, 2019 before the incident occurred.

Few minutes after they consumed the food, Naomi started showing signs of weakness to the surprise of her parents. As she was rushed to the hospital, on their way, she gave up the ghost, National Telegraph was told.

Our source went on that as the parents returned home with the lifeless body of their daughter still in the state of shock, thirty (30) minutes later the younger brother who came out to see the lifeless body of her sister also developed same symptoms that led to her sister’s death and also died on the spot.

Inhabitants of the precinct are asking questions about what must have caused the sudden expiries of these kids. Forces of law and order who descended to the scene have already opened Investigations on the incident.

The two lifeless bodies have been lowered in their native village in Mbouda in Cameroon’s West Region, confirmed family sources.

In a related development, a 25-year-old boy collapsed and died after consuming puff balls and pap in Melong still in Moungo, late June, 2019.

Tiwa Derrick Franklin, a commercial bike rider based in Douala from the Bamboutos before going about his daily activities decided to stop over at a roadside restaurant to eat.

Immediately after consuming puff balls and pap, he collapsed and died in front of other customers who were eating, a source said, adding; it caused cacophony in the area.

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