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United States’ SPO Congratulates Dion Ngute’s Clap To Xenophobic Chief.

By Eric Tataw – Washington DC, USA, Wednesday, December 16, 2020.

Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute – Prime Minister of Cameroon.

Cameroon by far does not lack the strategy and efficacy to bring down any form of unruliness, at least not even from those selling bits of terror to citizens on the streets of all major cities and in the hinterlands.

However, on Wednesday December 16, 2020, Cameroon’s Premier, Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute literally banned morality, and clearly proved that Cameroon only basks on man-boy policies with zero interest in maintaining peace within its Anglophone regions already embattled by a 42-month-old armed conflict.

One would therefore be generous to refer to Ngute only as facilitator of Africa’s worst memory and now the world’s most dangerous principality. At least no one can easily forget the recdent outrage over xenophobia against Nigerians in South Africa. Even if you did, Rwanda’s Genocide remains freshly printed on history books.


He was heavily criticized, Wednesday for caressing a soldier who’s also ruler in the country’s South West Region who led xenophobic chants against people from the country’s North West.

Ngute was in Buea, Wednesday and instead of condemning, he commended HRH Ewome Eko John aka Moja Moja I of Bwassa, a village in Fako Division who has been accused on countless instances of brewing xenophobia.

In a videotaped message, Monday Moja Moja commanded Cameroonians from the North West living and fending in Buea and other South West precincts to leave effective immediately.

This declaration is exactly contrary to Presidential, legal, and constitutional provisions. No one can therefore be wrong to state that Ngute and the Yaoundé regime used Moja Moja as a decoy duck to execute President Paul Biya’s longtime strategy of Divide and Rule.   


The only way to prove otherwise is to apply the law. At least Moja Moja himself provided the courts with clear evidence, to say the least, videotaped messages.

If not, then it is indeed one of Biya’s methods. Each of his methods are important and with the right combination, they all work in unison to achieve Biya’s desired results, Divide and Rule in this case.  

To many, Moja Moja was acting on his own. But that is a lie! National Telegraph sees him as one of Biya’s top allies, considered a legendary enforcer of series of the regime’s Red Herrings and a concierge of crimes that cuts deals with ministers at the expense of “Graffis,” as he and his cronies refer to those from the North West.


If it is the contrary, Ngute and the state of Cameroon should now provide the rare elbow room for many across the country to tap inspiration from its ideology of democracy, law-abiding and professional members of the armed forces, in the voice of Paul Atanga Nji (the country’s Minister of Territorial Administration).

And this is by applying the law. The law on this is simple and Moja Moja went against it, especially as he’s a public servant, a supposed guarantor of guaranteed peace and stability. If he is not jailed, it automatically sets a terrible precedence, a big blow to Biya’s authority and the entire Cameroon judiciary.  

When we stated above that the law on this is simple, it was an understatement; it is fresh, just signed into enforcement on December 24, 2019. As a matter of fact, it falls short of 11 days to celebrate its first birthday when the Bwassa ruler started the craze. This is what the law says;


Section 241(New) Contempt of Tribe and Ethnic group.

Whoever by any means makes hate speech against people or includes them to violence due to their tribal or ethnic origin shall be punished with imprisonment of from 1(one) to 2(two) years and with fine of 300 000 ( three hundred thousand) Francs.

Where the benefit of mitigating circumstances is given, the punishment provided for in subsection 1 above shall not be less than three months imprisonment and the fine shall not be less than 200.000 (two hundred thousand) Francs.

Execution shall not be suspended except in case of diminished responsibility of infancy.

Where the author of the hate speech is a public servant as per the provision of Section 131 of the code, a leader of a political party, of the media, of a Non-Governmental Organisation or a religious institution, the punishment provided for in subsection 1 above shall be doubled and the benefit of mitigating circumstances shall not be given.


This law in its section two says it shall be registered, published according to the procedure of urgency, and inserted in the official Gazette in English and French.

By intrinsic interpretation, Moja Moja should have been handed a four-year jail term – he is a public servant. Except for three things; it might not have been inserted in the official gazette or all copies sent to Buea were in French or Dion Ngute waited for this opportunity to remind the world that as usual, in Cameroon, the law is only on paper.

The School of Public Opinion which this writer inks as SPO from his desk in the United States thinks Ngute has carved a nest for more to turn overnight into peregrines with long-pointed wings and notched beaks diving on their very same countrymen with impunity and suction.  

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