US Senate Armed Services Committee Makes Big Announcement On Cameroon Armed Conflict.

By Eric Tataw – Friday February 8, 2019.

US Senate Armed Services Committee Makes Big Announcement On Cameroon Armed Conflict.

James Inhofe  is Chair of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC)

Members of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC) of the United States have added their voices and welcomed an announcement made during one of their hearings.   

A top United States Army General announced at a hearing of the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), Thursday, February 7, 2019, that the United States of America has officially cut off military aid to Cameroon.

This announcement made by General Thomas David Waldhauser, Commander of United States Africa Command (US AFRICOM) comes on the heels of numerous accusations over Human Rights abuses.

General Waldhauser, said that while Cameroon has been a good partner in counterterrorism, the US can’t neglect the fact that they have been involved in alleged atrocities in what’s gone on in the country.

General Waldhauser explained that the United States has been very emphatic with the President of Cameroon, Paul Biya that the behavior of his troops and lack of transparency could have a significant impact in US’ ability to work with Cameroon.

The General cited the fact that the demand from the English-speaking regions to form a new country called Ambazonia and the fighting that ensued in those areas compounded with atrocities gave a lead into today’s decision.

He went on that he and Peter Henry Barlerin, US Ambassador to Cameroon, visited President Paul Biya before the presidential elections in October 2018 and expressed concerns over investigations with regards to atrocities.

The US has cut off over $17 million in security support. Funds for radars, four defender-class patrol boats, nine armoured vehicles, training programs for C-130 airplanes and helicopters have also been stopped, the US State Department has noted.

The US has also announced the withdrawal of an offer for Cameroon to participate in the State Partnership Program, National Telegraph has learned.

Many activists including a Human Rights Lawyer, Barrister Agbor Balla have written several articles showing pictures of many villages burnt down by the Cameroon military.

Videos and images on how the military has burnt unarmed civilians alive in their houses, kill children as young as one, rape women and young girls and carry out mass and unlawful arrests have always circulated online.

Anglophone minorities in Cameroon have been fighting against Paul Biya’s regime for the restoration of the Independence of a new country; Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia.

 Since the Restoration campaign started, militias have emerged in almost every sweep of the North West and South West Regions. Reports say because of the near invincibility of the Ambazonian fighters, soldiers have often emitted their frustration on the civilian populations.

Nurses and Religious have been brutally murdered by the Cameroon military including an American Missionary, Charles Trumann Wesco from the city of South Bend in Indiana who was shot and killed in Bambui, a restive town in the careworn North West of Cameroon.  

In the meantime, Chris Anu, the spokesman of the outlawed Federal Republic of Ambazonia while lamenting that the US decision came a little late, applauded it as a step to the right direction and urged other world powers to do same.      

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