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Woman Hires 14-Year-Old Daughter To Two Men.

By Sarah Mazirwe – Kampala, Uganda, Sunday, May 17, 2020. 

Luke Owoyesigire – Police Deputy spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan.

Police in Uganda is holding a 34-year-old mother who’s said to have allegedly hired her 14-year-old daughter to two different men.

Zura Mukamana was arrested following a video clip that went viral with her daughter claiming that she was being forced by her mother to engage in sexual intercourse with men.

However, police said Zura had reported to police a case of disappearance of her daughter.

Following the investigations, a certain Fred Bulego aged 41 who’s suspected is in police custody.

The girl was discovered at her father’s home, where she says she had ran to take refuge.

According to police, the girl’s father later took her daughter to police upon learning the devastating story.

The Police Deputy spokesperson of Kampala Metropolitan, Luke Owoyesigire said the investigations lead them to arrest of second man only identified as John Mwesigye who is also allegedly accused to have slept with the girl.

Owoyesigire said both files of the offenses will be submitted to the Director of public prosecutions for perusal and sanctioning as soon as investigations are finished.

“We thank that girl for standing for her human rights and reporting a criminal case to police as the Constitution tells every citizen to do,” Owoyesigire said.

Bulenga and Mwesigye have been charged and remanded on offense of defilement.

Despite the numerous programs initiated by the government to eliminate child and forced marriages, the country has continued to grapple with high rates of defilement, child and forced marriages with poverty and culture as major push factors.  

According to a UNICEF report on Uganda in 2018, Uganda is the 10th highest absolute number of child brides globally at 78700 and the 16th highest prevalence rate of child marriages in the world.

The defilement crime rates according to the Ugandan Police 2019 report is at 11%, which indicates that 13,682 girls were defiled in 2019.

A child according to Constitution is under 18 years and should be protected.

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