Young Burkinabès Want To Celebrate Deceased Thomas Sankara’s 70th Birthday.

By Michel Biem Tong, Ouagadougou – Burkina Faso, Tuesday, December 17, 2019. 

Thomas Sankara – Burkinabé revolutionary and President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987.

Youths in the West African country of Burkina Faso have said they want to celebrate Thomas Sankara’s 70th birthday. Thomas Isidore Noël Sankara was a Burkinabé revolutionary and President of Burkina Faso from 1983 to 1987.

The Marxist and pan-Africanist, who was viewed by supporters as a charismatic and iconic figure and sometimes referred to as “Africa’s Che Guevara” was assassinated on October 15, 1987.

Thomas Sankara would have been 70 years old on December 21, 2019. Under this backdrop, Young Burkinabès of all walks of life who claim to have Sankara’s ideology as a legacy decided to commemorate this anniversary.

During a press conference, Monday, December 16, 2019, in Ouagadougou, the country’s capital, the spokesperson of this group of young people, Nana Guy Innocent announced activities aimed at promoting the values ​​bequeathed by Thomas Sankara, next December 21.

There are plans to screen among others; two films on the life of Thomas Sankara, debate and the testimonies of family members of the deceased, his wrestling companions and his childhood friends.

The Ouagadougou Norbert Zongo Press Center will host the conference and debate, National Telegraph has confirmed.

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